Building a Better Bookshelf: Which Do You Like Best?

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When I wrote about Brickbox shelving system I went "arrgh", as I had been thinking about something like this since I had earlier written about Daniel Gafner's system 1530. I was not alone; TreeHugger Emeritus Ruben commented "I have been noodling with various ways of doing this for years." Since it has now been done, I present my idea in the hope that one of these might pick it up.

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The Shelf Becomes The Box With System 1530

The problem with both systems shown was the duplication of material, stacking each box on a box- one has two pieces of plywood really doing the work of one. The 1530 system doubled everything, but had a wonderfully simple connection system: binder clips.


Shelf System Built From Boxes Makes Moving Easy

The Brickbox has double the material a simple shelf system might have, and as boxes, can carry a lot more than they do on the shelves.

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That's why I thought the boxes should be staggered. The ends stack on top of each other for strength, with wood dowel pins connecting them. Each box would probably have enough capacity to hold the stuff both in the shelves and between them. What do you think? Do you have a better idea? If so, send it to me via the Design and Architecture Tip Line.

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