Build your own transformer bed that turns into a desk

How did we miss this? Perhaps it's Kickstarter ennui, which I have suffered from for a while. After years of showing jazzy and expensive Italian transformer beds that change from desks to beds, Graham Phakos built one of his own and put it up on Kickstarter last November. He didn't get to his target, but promised to make plans available "in the next month or two." It's now five months later, so perhaps this post will act as a kickstarter.

Graham describes the project on his website:

A desk that is also a bed! It is perfect for rooms that are not big enough for both a bed and a desk. Beds are one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home. Everyone needs a bed. Unfortunately, when they are not in use they take up an inordinate amount of floor space.

Desks are also very useful pieces of furniture, but beds predictably take priority. Without a dedicated work space, the prospect of hauling materials to the kitchen table everyday makes working at home far less appealing. Whether you are a student, an artist, or a telecommuter, having a permanent desk is hugely beneficial.

This is where the UrbanDesk comes in! Set your desk up as you normally would, and leave it set up. This is not a sliver of a desk that barely holds a laptop and book. The UrbanDesk is designed for serious use every day.

It has a clever parallelogram suspension that lets you leave your stuff on your desk when it folds down, just like the more expensive versions. It doesn't look too hard to build, either. Sign up for updates on Graham's website to let him know there is interest out there!

Build your own transformer bed that turns into a desk
Graham Phakos did, with an interesting design that does everything the expensive Italian jobs do.

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