Brandrud Furniture

It just goes to show how many companies are out there doing good work that is flying under the eco-radar. Had these guy's post in a holding pattern since January and even with TH's new squadron of writers we still haven't got to them. So to it: Brandrud, who service the office and healthcare market, state that they "are proactive about sustainability". For example, their plywood sourcing follows Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines, (though they stop short of saying it is FSC certified). Hardwood is obtained from alder forests, which are termed 'sustainable.' Non-structural materials include wheat board (from straw) and product made from sunflower seed shells called Dakota Burl. 85% of manufacturing waste is used for the production of other goods, such as foam scrap becoming flooring and sawdust seeing a seond life as cattle bedding. Finished product is designed to be disassembled, after its useful life and to get to its destination in the first place is shipped wrapped in blankets, instead of being boxed up. Brandrud Furniture has received three Environmental Excellence awards. ::Brandrud