Bookbike Stores Your Bike and Gear

Bike storage in small apartments can be a real problem. We have shown quite a few ways to hang your bike on a wall, but this system from Italian designers Byografia doesn't need to be connected to the wall (unless you have a really heavy bike), it is designed to be free-standing.

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The designers write:

Beautifying that which can't be hidden, we are in the presence of a container able to place order and align with the typical values of the home, a contentious and constantly exiled object, but very much loved and valued in both economic and social terms: The bicycle.

Bookbike blackBYografia/Promo image

The unit has an adjustable hook for the bike, as well as storage for helmets and other cycling gear. Apartment Therapy says that it costs $3,600 and of course, everyone complains that it should cost $100 at IKEA.

Bookbike Stores Your Bike and Gear
Freestanding unit fits any size bike, is stable without attaching to your walls

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