BoingBoing Looks at LED Lights Through "Sober Assessment Goggles"

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Should I Dive Into LEDs?
Our friends over at BoingBoing took a hype-free look at the state of LED lights. While most of us know by now that LED lighting is The Next Big Thing(tm), it's sometimes hard to know exactly where things stand right now. There are many positive reviews of LED bulbs on the net, but they're often for cutting edge products that are hard to find and/or very expensive. What about the LEDs that you see on the shelves at Home Depot (or whatever)?
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You really should read the whole thing, but here are some highlights:

1. There Are Good LED Lights Out There; But You Probably Can't Afford Them
[T]he stuff for sale at Home Depot [...] is usually not worth your time or money. Not yet, anyway. Buy 'em if you want, but prepare for disappointment...Christmas tree lights that say "white" and turn out to be blue...$20 lightbulbs that conk out after two weeks. That's a lot of what's out there. [...]

See, the LED industry is kind of in this awkward teenage phase right now [...] In fact, up until last year, there weren't really any useful standards to compare LED lights. Anybody could make any claim they wanted to and even the professionals had nothing to judge it by. [...]

Again, I want to stress that LEDs don't suck. And where they do suck, they're getting better. But I don't want you to get burned by hype. And right now the amount of hype surrounding these things would make Flava Flav blush.

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