"Blindry" Doubles as Window Blind and Laundry Rack

Earlier this month, I wrote about the Volet Végétal, a drawbridge-like planter that hangs from a window. The "Blindry" is its sister design, lowering to hang inside the room rather than out. It's not for hanging plants, it's for drying clothes. And when it's not in use, it doubles as a window blind.

The Blindry is the work of Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun, and it received a red dot award for design concept in 2011. The setup is simple: an outer frame fits around the window, the inner frame folds down. The slats that cover the window when the Blindry is folded up hang down to hold the wet laundry.

The clever design dispatches a number of problems: it eliminates the need for energy-sucking electric dryers. It means you don't need to store a cumbersome drying rack. It saves you money on blinds. It keeps floor space available. And, since it hangs inside, it will keep you out of trouble with anti-clothes line authorities.

I'm not sure how the Blindry would be manufactured to fit different size windows; perhaps someone could come up with an open-source or DIY version.

"Blindry" Doubles as Window Blind and Laundry Rack
A space saving, award winning design can be used as a window blind or a laundry rack.

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