Biopaints - Breathe Easier

In the past we’ve mentioned that poor ventilation gives rise to the condition known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Well, other contributors are chemicals, like formaldehyde, found in many carpets and mass-produced furniture. But lesser known culprits are paints and varnishes. Some use solvents and have at times included lead, cadmium, mercury, toluene, xylene and so on. Not so Bio Paints. This line of paints, varnishes, enamel paints, oils and waxes, evolved out of Germany and has since found manufacturing bases in France, Australia and New Zealand. Made mostly from raw materials that are natural, renewable and non toxic to end-users and painters or even the factory workers, where it’s made. The ingredients are oils, gums, resins and waxes while the pigments range from plants to metal sources. All can be safely absorbed back into nature at the end of the painted items life. ::Biopaints