Bike Furniture Design


Finally, three of TreeHugger's favorite things, bicycles, recycling and modern furniture, all in one. Bike Furniture Design brings us this trifecta. While a lot of products that use recycled materials end up looking a little too much like their former selves for our taste, BFD has taken a cue from the contemporary, modern tradition and done a nice job making the furniture not look explicitly like bike parts. Many pieces have a linear, spaghetti-like quality (resulting from the use of tire rims) that stands out but, for the most part, isn't enough to make you dizzy by looking at them. There are several simple, clean designs that caught our eye; the Vector Table and Milano Lounge Chair are particularly striking. The variety of the designs is showcased by the different media who have picked up on BFD; it's been featured in Outside, I.D. and Bicycle magazines, and is exhibited in a dozen or so places in the US, mostly in the midwest. Price and availability inquiries should be made through the website. ::Bike Furniture Design