Best of TH: Sustainable Retailers, Part III


Here at TH, we like to think we really get around when it comes to sustainable lifestyles. From food to clothing to interiors, stuff you need every day to a purchase made once in a blue moon, we keep an eye on all of it, and today's list will help get you both. Whether you need a loaf of bread or an exotic interior accent, we want you to know how to get it in a way that's a little easier on our friendly planet. Today we feature Whole Foods Market, GreenHome, Under the Canopy and Branch. (P.S. This is your last chance to submit any votes for the final installment -- once we're done, we're done).

Whole Foods Market is the world's leading organic and natural foods market, with 181 locations in the US and UK to date. For the past 25 years, the store has been the place to go to find locally-grown and organic food and beverage; with the opening of the lifestyle store earlier this year, they've added apparel, personal accessories and home wares to their impressive resume. From using biodiesel to reducing to zero waste, they can really walk the walk as they continue to lead the planet to a more sustainable future. ::Whole Foods
With 19 categories from apparel to yard & garden, GreenHome is one of the biggest (and best) sustainable retailers out there. If you have a room you'd like to be greener, they've got products for you, from the attic to the basement and everywhere in between. It's simultaneously a great place to start enjoying a greener home, with something as simple as changing soaps, and has the variety and breadth of goods to help even the most committed TreeHuggers. GreenHome also has a great network of affiliates, featuring other eco-heavyweights like Care2, Red Jellyfish and LOHAS. ::GreenHome
Under the Canopy offers a wide variety of apparel for discerning clothing shopper. All of the clothing for men, women, children, and baby are made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, linen, wool, and extend to ususual fibers like bamboo and soy. Founder Marci Zaroff is recognized as an early leader in the sustainable fashion industry; in 1996, she coined and trademarked the term "ECOfashion®". We like Under the Canopy for their suave styles, and their commitment to producing high-quality sustainable apparel makes them one of the best. ::Under the Canopy
So you've bought groceries, home wares and clothing; where to go for that final piece to really tie the room together? Branch has the high-style, high-design, super-sustainable products that just might do the trick. From gorgeous chairs to usual dining accessories to fabulous accessories, Branch has a little of everything that has a lot of style. You can even get something from our pals at Bambu (recently featured as one of the best sustainable designers). Though they're relatively new on the scene, we love Branch's aesthetic and think they're definitely headed in the right direction. ::Branch