Berlin Design Calendar Hopping in May


It's DESIGNMAI time again in Berlin, 18 - 21 May 2006. Perhaps you are lucky enough to be one of the hundreds of designers converging on Germany's capital to share and synergize around the theme of "DesignCity", recognizing both the increasing importance of design in solving the problems of urbanization facing the modern world and the naming of Berlin as a UNESCO "City of Design" in January of 2006. The 2006 DESIGNMAI Symposium will focus on design for temporary shelter, "designcities worldwide" (what could this be since only Berlin and Buenos Aires carry this vaunted title?) and urban infrastructure. Associated events will be taking place all across the city, including exhibitions of urban residences in styles both modern and reclaiming the past glories of Berlin's rich architectural and design history and DESIGNMAI YOUNGSTERS. The main exhibitions will be housed in the former Gleisdreieck train station, a central location with its own architectural charm.If you cannot make it in person to Berlin, enjoy browsing the many exhibitors and partners from the DESIGNMAI Exhibitors page. There you will be intrigued into clicking links such as "Advanced Bamboo Applications" and "Hundred Euro Home" on a virtual tour. Of course, DESIGNMAI will spin off many related events, one of which is the opening on 20 May of into art&furniture;, which will feature the Linea 1 minimalist designs which were reported to you on TreeHugger from DesignMai3 in 2005. Tell 'em we sent you!

You can find details of the partners and events at DesignMai.