Beauty: New Designs For Chopsticks

Increasingly, we notice that people all over the world nurture a deep wish to live simply, beautifully. A case in point is how we eat. Traditionally, here in Japan, people eat with wooden chopsticks.

The trend in the past few years is to design beautiful ohashi that users cherish and keep for a long time. These properly designed, award-winning wooden chopsticks feel wonderful in your hand, with a lovely balance. Perfect for just eating a little bite, little by little. If you like slow food, this is the only utensil you need.

The craftmanship of these wooden chopsticks that Mr Takeda sells in his small Edokibashi Daikokuya shop in old downtown Tokyo is on my wish list for Christmas... Asian Ideas has more online, noting that according to Confucius, knives were equated with acts of aggression and should not be used to dine.

Eating with wooden chopstics rather than knife-and-fork made of steel takes getting used to, but then you never want to go back. If you are good with tools, you could easily make your own hashi - I'd love to see this DIY spread all over!

They are really easy to wash (just hot water, no soap needed) and they last forever if you take good care of them. Made from lacquered wood or bamboo. Itadakimasu!

Written by Martin Frid at

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