Be Productive & Be Green with Herman Miller's Be Collection


Q: How many keyboard trays does it take to fill a landfill?
A: We don't know and we ain't about to find out.

This sentiment is the inspiration behind Herman Miller's Be Collection, a new assortment of products designed to make your workplace more comfortable, organized, connected (and green, in several cases). "The products range from the familiar to technological breakthroughs and palm-to-the-forehead 'why didn't I think of thats.' Designs to keep you comfortable, organized and connected," says the site, and they've employed Herman Miller's Design for the Environment protocol (DfE) for material selection and product design. For example, their selection of keyboard trays (the "keyboard tray" is above, center) is made from recyclable polyethylene. Most comparable keyboard trays are made from phenolic, which is a thermoset plastic that can't be recycled. They've also included the LED-powered Leaf light (above, left, hugged here and here) and fluorescent Andrea light (above, right) in the collection of sleek, thoughtful, useful products. They aren't all as green as they could be, but they are all quite functional and designed to be so for a long time; sometimes, with designs like that, the green features can almost be considered a bonus. Some of the products are available for order now; the rest will be available by the end of the summer. ::Herman Miller's Be Collection via ::Apartment Therapy