Blightster Lamp Is Its Own Packaging

blightster in operation photo

We previously showed David Gardener's lamp made out of its own packaging; now we learn from Josh Spear about Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso Scharamm. He uses thermoforming, the technology that makes the blister packaging that we cut our hands on and throw away, and uses it to make a lamp. Mix blister with light and you get Blightster.

blightster assembly photo

The designer writes: " the technique of thermoforming commonly used to make a container that once opened its rejected as trash, now is the final product: the container and content at the same time.

Blightsterlamp is a wonderfully creative product which incorporates the product packaging in the final design of the product, reducing waste to a minimum- and still looking cool to boot.

The material used is thermoformed 500 micron stiff PVC.

blightster packaging photo

Will this kind of idea catch on? One might consider that packaging exists for a couple of reasons, one of which is to protect the product from damage during shipping, displaying and while getting it home; this is easily cleaned PVC but I do wonder how many would be mucked up at some stage. I also don't usually like PVC; compact fluorescents still put out heat and I wonder how much outgassing there will be when this is first turned on.

But it is a clever design. ::Rodrigo Alonso via ::Josh Spear
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