Banana fiber and Recycled Paper Lamps by 'Gente de Fibra'

Gente de Fibra is a cooperative group of artisans commanded by Brazilian artist Domingos Tótora that makes decorative pieces with banana fiber, recycled Kraft paper and natural pigments.
Banana fiber is collected from the banana harvests, and then mixed with the other materials to obtain a mass that’s then moulded into these rustic yet beautiful lamps (more in the extended) and other pieces of furniture and decoration. The form is then fixed with a special kind of glue and naturally dried; oven is only used when the climate is humid or when the jobs need to be finished fast.
Their show room is at 787 Dr. Silvestre Dias Ferraz road, city of Maria da Fé, in the state of Minas Geráis, Brazil; but they sell all over the country. ::Gente de Fibra
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Model P 01, made with recycled Kraft paper and banana fiber.
18cm x 18cm x 32xm.


Piramidal, model P 01, made with recycled Kraft paper and banana fiber.
29cm x 29cm x 65cm.