bambu Introduces Organic and Reusable Bamboo 'Snapstix'


For most, chopsticks are nothing more than a tool that allows food to be moved from plate to mouth in a clean and efficient manner. For others, the utensil, which was originally developed in China, represents a rich history that is estimated to go back 5,000 years. Since the development of chopsticks, different cultures have created a variety of etiquette principles that dictate proper use and handling. Unfortunately, these principles failed to consider the environmental impact of using chopsticks that are most commonly made from wood and disposed of after one use. However, this changed in March, when the Chinese government addressed these environmental concerns by implementing a 5% tax on disposable chopsticks. More recently, another positive chapter was added to the chopsticks saga, with the introduction of bambu’s ‘Snapstix’. This ingenious product is designed to address the environmental impact of chopsticks while allowing for proper use as dictated by centuries of tradition. Shaped from organically grown bamboo, Snapstix are chopsticks and chopsticks rest – all in one. Furthermore, Snapstix are reusable and come packaged in a sleeve made from 100% post-consumer fiber.