Bamboo Dining Table and Chairs

Bart Bettencourt is no diva. Rather than throw a tantrum when a shipment of his favored amber-hued laminated bamboo was waylaid, he shrugged his shoulders and killed time by experimenting with sheets in a silvery natural finish. The serendipitous exercise resulted in this stately dining set, whose quiet elegnace turned heads at this spring's ICFF and Brooklyn Design. [by jen renzi] ::Buy at THE FUTURE PERFECT
::Bart's site"I made it up on the spot as I built it," he offers, with characteristic understatement. Look closely: The material's cross-laminated construction results in a seductive end-grain detail along the subtly curved edges. Props to Bettencourt for playing well in the sandbox, too. After investing so much time sourcing sustainable resources—his bamboo is harvested from a managed farm in China—he's now making it easier for others to go green, launched a division to distribute eco-friendly building materials to designers