Pendant Lamp That Lights, Grows & Cleans The Air: Babylone By Greenworks

Conventional office spaces have the unfortunate reputation of being drab, cubicled places, often cursed with poor air quality and lacking in any cheerful greenery. Even if your boss missed the memo on how improving indoor environments can boost worker productivity, it's good to know that there are companies out there like Stockholm-based Greenworks, which focus exclusively on producing "living furniture" that transforms workplaces. Take their multifunctional Babylone lamps, for example: these hanging pendant lamps not only light, but they are also planters for air-cleaning plants.

babylone pendant plant lamp greenworks© Greenworks

Greenworks started out in 2008 with the Moving Hedge, a mobile living plant wall festooned with green. Now the company is moving onto lighting, with the Babylone lamp designed by Alexis Tricoire, a 50 centimeter sphere that features five openings that allows plants to hang out of the globe.

The bottom of the lamp is covered with pumice, which has a high water retention capacity, meaning that plants require watering only once every three weeks -- something that a busy office would appreciate. The pumice also holds minerals and micro-nutrients that provide nourishment.

babylone pendant plant lamp greenworks© Greenworks

Each globe can be planted with a wide variety of species, and with a number of colors available for the pumice's coloring, each lamp can therefore "have its unique expression."

In addition to types of plants that can purify the air, one can easily imagine herbs being grown in these globes, allowing people to harvest a little extra for lunch. Even if that's not the case, the concept behind these multipurpose lamps demonstrate a great way to add a punch of green to any environment.

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