Sliding Library Instantly Creates Extra Studio at Hip Buenos Aires Apartment

Sliding library half-way open. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

The Los Andes apartment complex in Buenos Aires is the it living spot for Buenos Aires’ young artistic types, and the interiors of the 1927 homes are changing as younger people move in.

An example of a beautiful renovation is this project by Max Zolkwer, Cecilia Alvarez Raso and Nicolas Dorval-Bory, of Pop Arq.

Sliding library fully withdrawn. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

Sliding library fully open. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

They were asked by the owners to create two spaces, one general living room for the home and a studio to teach classes, and a big library to store 135 ml of books.

Beautifully resolved, the studio created a sliding library which can turn the main living space into two separate, private rooms in no time. It can also hold the books, though it seems not all of them had been placed when the pictures were taken.

Detail of the bright red rails. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

Side look at the library. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

Note how the bright red rails in which the library slides add character to the room when the library is hidden. Also, how one of the back-panels of one of the sliding libraries has a dry-erase board for a full teaching class effect.

Small details that add to the whole project and purpose of the renovation.

View from the other side of the room to the living room. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

View from the other side of the room, to the dry-erase board. Photo© Nicolás Dorval-Bory

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Sliding Library Instantly Creates Extra Studio at Hip Buenos Aires Apartment
In this beautiful renovation of a 1927 apartment, the architects created a moving structure that holds the owners large book collection while temporary dividing the living space.

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