Auspen — Refillable Whiteboard Marker Pens

If you are a teacher, lecturer or presenter, then no doubt you’ve gone to scribe your pearls of wisdom onto a whiteboard, only to discover the marker pen has dried up. So you impress your audience, not with lucid information, but a slam dunk of the pen into the nearest garbage receptacle. In Australia, it has been calculated that teachers discard 40 million markers per year, which is about 2,500 tonnes of stuff that need not be in landfill. ‘Cos you could be using the Auspen. A refillable marker. Simple concept really. The ink is EU approved non-xylene, the pen tube and carry case are recyclable, but one of the more remarkable claims is that the pens will still write if the cap is left off for up to 72 hours!Schools have found them cheaper than disposable pens. I was once trialing a set of these, until some snotty nosed youngster decided he needed them more than me and lifted ‘em. He found them to be very cheap! 6 pens and refill bottles for $45 AUD. Also available in North America. ::Auspen