Aurelle LED Candles from Philips

This treehugger was never fond of candles- perhaps it goes back to when our grandmother did not blow them out after Friday night dinner and almost burned the house down. Certainly there is a lot of research that says that they are not healthy for the user or the real estate (coating walls with soot), but they are more popular than ever. Thus we were intrigued but conflicted about Philips new Aurelle line of LED candles. Philips points out: "The use of candles has never been more popular. Perhaps because the warm glow of a candle can help to create mood, atmosphere and sometimes even add romantic elegance to home d├ęcor. They are beautiful to watch, but they are potentially a source of danger as well, from hot wax that can spill, to open flames, to smoke after they are extinguished. What if you could have the beauty of candles without the need to worry about their risks?"

We thought about the value of a device that sort of glows like a candle without the risk or the heat. We remembered an original Star Trek episode "the Squire of Gothos"


where everything looked real, but the food had no taste, and the fire had no heat. Trelane would love these candles. We do not. ::Philips via ::Inhabitat