Atlantico: A Fresh Look at Solid Wood Furniture


Born from thinking that our houses should be calm, pleasant and comfortable, Atlantico builds beautiful modern solid wood furniture that's designed to be relevant in your home as long as it will structurally last. Their collection of furniture is divided into sleeping, dining and living; it all has the same organic look and feel, with minimalist design and obsessive attention to detail. Unimposing and serene, their work looks simple at a glance, but a closer look reveals high-quality construction and due attention to "the little things" -- there are no exposed screws or metalwork and each corner reveals elegant joinery. The beauty of the wood, available in oak or cherry, speaks for itself, and a high degree of commitment to the environment is there to back it up; all Atlantico timber is sourced from sustainable forests. Add that to the durable construction and maximum aesthetic relevance, and we think you'll enjoy Atlantico furniture for years and years to come. ::Atlantico available at ::Velocity