At IIDEX Neocon: The CP Workspace Standing Convertible Desk

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IIDEX Neocon is Canada's big trade-only contract furniture show, where one usually finds the best new office furniture and design. The economy is clearly taking its toll, the show seemed to be a lot smaller than it used to be. However there was a lot of office design innovation to be found, particularly if you are following the standing desk trend. The German company C+P Möbelsysteme, new to these shores, presented one of the nicest I have ever seen.

cp workspace standing desk photo

I noted recently that height-adjustable desks might be an alternative for people who don't want to, or can't stand all day. Height adjustable desks also are necessary if more than one person is going to use it; chairs adapt people to a normal desk, but a standing desk has to be set up for the appropriate height of the person using it. The workspace has an easy counterbalanced adjustment; One can work at the high portion or sit at the low portion,

cp workspace standing desk photo

When the desk is in the down position, it fits together with the lower portion nicely and looks great.

cp workspace standing desk photo

Wire management is among the most elegant I have seen, there is a place for everything. The whole unit is quite expensive, about 3,000 euros as shown.

Andrew McGillivray explains that the main reason for the development of the unit was to encourage efficient communication; when people sit down they talk about a lot more than just business. When they stand, they keep it to five minutes. He and another staffmember did a little performance of how it works in action.

You can look at CP's website to try and find this there; I couldn't.

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