Artists build house of windows for $500

house made of old windows
via Nick Olson

There is a lot to love about old windows. I like those where the old glass has slowly thickened at the bottom, proof of its once molten state. Or the window frames with ropes still attached from the weights that were hidden in the walls. Their shape and style can tell you so much about the time and place they were created and the homes or buildings in which they once lived.

For artists Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz, old windows became a guiding light on a road trip they took together last year, during which they drove through Pennsylvania and stopped at yard sales and junk stores collecting as many as they could. The purpose? To create what started as a shared vision on their first date: this charming and beautiful home in the hills of West Virginia, which has an entire wall of repurposed windows.

Half Cut Tea is a web video series on artists and they produced a lovely video about the couple and this project.

Via ArchDaily, Inhabitat via This is Colossal

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