Artistic Freedom Designs by Peter Vivian

artistic-freedom-designs.jpgAfter ten years of building conventional cabinets and furniture, Peter Vivian's conscience got to him. He felt that he was harming the environment every day he went to work, so instead of changing jobs, he just upgraded his materials. The result: his very own company, Artistic Freedom Designs, that has forsaken tree-cutting and toxic-gluing for bamboo, plantation-grown coconut palm and salvaged wood. The interiors of his remarkable cabinets are built from bio-composite boards; similar to fiber board, they're composed of agricultural wastes including sunflower seed shells and wheat hulls and held together with formaldehyde-free glue. Vivian's work is quite striking -- we love this bamboo-stainless combo here -- and includes custom cabinets and other kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture. ::Artistic Freedom Designs


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