Armoire Dressed In Fallen Birch Skin: Sawkille Co.

Photo: Chris Kendall via The New York Times

Gleaming like arboreal wayfinders on a dark night, birches are trees that definitely stand out from the forest crowd. Birch bark was traditionally used for paper, clothing and construction; it also has medicinal properties, so it's not too far a stretch to see them utilized in a decorative sense too, like in this gorgeous birch-skinned armoire by Rhinebeck, NY-based furniture designers Sawkille Co.Using modern woodworking techniques and birch bark harvested from dead trees in the Catskills, designers Jonah Meyer and Joshua Vogel created the piece using poplar for the frame and maple for the two drawers underneath.

Inside, there's a shoe rack, hat rack, hanging rod and full-length mirror, plus a false drawer bottom for anyone who has a little something to hide. The bark is vacuum-pressed onto all faces for a rustic but clean look -- reminiscent of the Shaker aesthetic, but decidedly presents an urban-worthy flair, like many of Sawkille's pieces.



Images: Sawkille Co.

From chairs to tables to sculptures, there's more of Sawkille Co.'s simple but tastefully crafted works on their site.

via NYT
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