Arisa - Straw can be More

We’ve spoken about various types of tree-free paper, including the likes of banana fibre, so it should come as no surprise that wheat is trying to get in on the act. A start-up company has been raising interest in their plan to develop a mill producing non-wood paper pulp from the agricultural ‘waste’ of wheat straw. Seems Australia imports 2/3rds of its paper pulp, so a local source of a tree-friendly variety would be welcomed. Arisa’s mill is expected to offer worlds’ best practice with regard to water recycling and silicate eradication, while avoiding chlorine use (normally used for bleaching to make the paper white) as well as reducing 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, per plant each year. Maybe that age-old joke about preferring to eat the box over the cereal contained within will soon be reality. ::Arisa