Prize-Winning "Urban Micro-Garden" Is a Modular Trellis

Vertical gardens (or living walls, or whatever you call them) are a great way to add greenery in urban spaces, but they're not simple contraptions. To make growing on walls a good deal easier, French designer Emilie Colin Garros came up with "Ariane," a modular trellis that's easy to install and shape however you want.

Garros made Ariane for a design competition hosted by Jardins Jardin, a Paris gardening exposition that will take place in June. The contest called for "micro-gardens for new urban landscapes." The design won the prize for innovation.

Its strength is its simplicity: the spider web-like plastic modules are attached to the wall, so the plant's growth can be directed however you like. Garros writes:

Modules allow vegetal spaces to transform wall space depending on the progressive growth of the plant. The plant stems curl up along the module's “arms”. The plant comes out of the vertical space to spread itself and thus create news spaces, always modifiable.

I'd love to see Ariane hit the market, giving urban gardeners an easy way to make their walls a whole lot nicer.

Via La Revue du Design.

Prize-Winning "Urban Micro-Garden" Is a Modular Trellis
"Ariane" is a modular wall planter that makes vertical gardening quick and simple.

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