Are Americans Hoarding Incandescent Bulbs?

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Are Americans hoarding light bulbs in advance of the upcoming phase-out of 100 watt bulbs? According to USA Today, some are. One woman in Marietta, Ohio says , "I have stocked up on enough incandescent bulbs to last for the next 50 years." Another said that "she squirreled away about three dozen incandescents, so "I will be able to read in bed without squinting."

But there are alternatives if you don't like compact fluorescents.The article by Jayne O'Donnell and Wendy Koch notes that there are more efficient incandescent bulbs, made with halogen bulbs inside a conventionally shaped envelope, that give the same amount of light using only 72 watts. It isn't as good as going CFL or LED, but it is a 25% reduction in energy use.

They also mention the Sylvania Socket Survey we covered in December, that showed that 13% of Americans would consider stocking up on bulbs, but that most people are going for the savings and changing their bulbs. They quote NRDC's Noah Horowitz:

"Unless you prefer paying higher electricity bills, there's no reason to hoard old incandescent bulbs."

That's what the light bulb wars are about, the constitutional right to pay higher energy bills.

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