Apartment has sliding wall to change its functions and define its spaces. Hit or miss?

On LifeEdited, David Friedlander titles his post about Michael Chen of MKCA's design for a small apartment: “5 to 1″ Micro Apartment a Perfect 10. I have been looking at it for a couple of days and don't rate it so high, wondering what all the internet fuss is about. (It's been everywhere.)

The architect tells David: “We love taking on a complicated and difficult problem with the intent of creating solutions that are thoughtful, beautiful and deceptively simple.” But how simple is this?

office and living mode© Alan Tansey

When the wall is in living room/ home office mode, it looks comfortable enough, if a bit like a home theater with no furniture at all between the sofa and the big screen TV.

wall moving© Alan Tansey

When you move the wall out, it turns into a dressing room area.

full bed setup© Alan Tansey

Then you move it all the way out and you can fold down the double bed. you can also rotate that television 180 degrees and watch from bed. That's clever.

bed squesnce photo© Alan Tansey

But lets run through the sequence of going to bed. First you have to push the wall out, which kills the living room completely. Then you have to change and get ready for bed before you prepare the bed, because when it is down it blocks the closet. In the morning it is the reverse; you can't get at your clothes without making your bed and putting it away. You can't check your mail or your calendar because the moving wall is blocking your office and your computer. You have to do everything in the sequence that the architect designed for.

plan of unit© MKCA

And given that the Murphy bed already looks good folded up, why have the expensive wall covering the expensive bed? The whole thing seems to me to end up being nothing more than a very expensive moving television set on wheels.

David gives it a 10. I think it is a nice idea that doesn't quite work and give it a 6. What's your mark out of ten?

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