Another Way To Hide The Bed: Put It In A Box

bedroom in box from living room photo

We often show ingenious ways of hiding the bed. French architects Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec offer a new one: turn it into a sculptural element, in this case a box hanging from the ceiling.

bedroom in box from rear photo

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From the other side, it is a short step up from the existing mezzanine. Nice idea if you have the ceiling height.

bedroom in box plan image

The architects write:

The bedroom as a hut in the middle of the flat

Suspended right in the center of the apartment, leaving untouched the floor and the circulations around, it divides the space, reversing the perception of the atmosphere in the apartment by making private what is usually not : the living room.

bedroom in box section image

Wherever you stand below or above, it truncates the perception of the occupiers bodies of whom one only sees the legs sitting, crossing or walking around in the place.

The suspended box is made of a metallic structure (section 40 x 40 mm) covered with wooden panels. The cube - as well as the floor, the walls and the ceiling, has been painted with a white polyurethane resin.

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