Another way to hide the bed: Turn it into a desk (Literally)

© FvF/ Mira Schröder

Many people live on top of their shop, but designer Mira Schröder actually lives in her shop, a design studio tucked way in a courtyard in Berlin. It's all quite lovely (see this extensive slideshow but her desk is particularly interesting. She explains that "the ‘Workbed’ is a bed and at the same time a desk: with one button, the desk transforms into a bed."

We have shown quite a few of these things on TreeHugger, and tend to like the designs where you don't have to clear your desk. Mira's design not only requires you to clear the desk, but you have to strap in the mattress to keep it from falling out when you rotate it from bed to desk. This seems like more work than necessary.

On the other hand, it has lots of storage built into the end and looks really solid.

desk© FvF/ Mira Schröder

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Another way to hide the bed: Turn it into a desk (Literally)
Mira Schröder lives and works in a shop where she can make her bed disappear.

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