Another way to hide the bed: Move it to the ceiling

espace bed
© espace loggia

One way to get more room if you live is a small space is to hide the bed. We have shown many ways, mostly versions of murphy beds. Here is a different idea: a bed that cantilevers out of the wall and rises up to the ceiling. We have shown one of these before; it was incredibly expensive, there is a lot of engineering and structure to have it hang out like this.

French company espace loggia shows a simpler version that solves the structural problem in two ways: for the double bed, legs fold down and pick up the load.

In the single version, it lowers down to rest on seats.

This takes all of the stress off the cantilever connection at the wall when it is down and reduces it significantly when the bed is up at the ceiling. It doesn't look like it needs such major construction to build into the wall, either.

Clever. No reference to what this costs. More at Espace Loggia, via PSFK.

Another way to hide the bed: Move it to the ceiling
French company offers a transformer bed that rises up to the roof when you don't need it.

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