Another Way To Hang A Bike On A Wall: The Bike Hook

When I wrote yesterday about a bed that makes itself, a commenter critical of my design choices wrote "I bet a $3,200 wall hook for your bike would complement that bed nicely :)". I thought so too, but could only find this one for about $90.

It is truly minimal; just two wooden pegs. I do wish that it had depressions carved into it to hold the bike in one particular place. It will need some care and consideration before installation; Sandra Thomsen of Hamburg,the designer, writes:

Prerequisite for using the bike hooks is the perfect assembly and a stable wall. Two dowels are included that can be used on some walls, but they don`t work with every wall! Check the base of your wall and select the right dowels which work best for it. The dowels need to be seated straight and firmly into the wall as a prerequisite to screw the bike hook straight and tight into the dowel against the wall. The bike hooks are made for light sports bikes and may not work with heavier bicycles.

But if you have a wall that you can screw into and a bike you love, it is a lovely minimal way to turn it into a work of art.

Nice minimalist packaging too. Available on Etsy

Another Way To Hang A Bike On A Wall: The Bike Hook
Superficially simple and elegant, but will it work?

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