Angus Noble Touch Torch

touch torch.gifRelying on mobile phone Lithium-ion battery technology and the latest high intensity LEDs, Angus Noble has produced a tiny, rechargeable light source that is controlled by a touch sensitive switch. Called the Indium, the light uses the natural conductivity of the skin to switch the light between full power, half power and strobe mode. Since the switch has no moving parts, there are no contacts to wear out or corrode. And since the battery will last hundreds of charge cycles (charging takes about 4 hours for 4 hours of illumination on full power or 8 hours on half-power), it should never need to be replaced. The Indiums casing is machined from solid anodized aluminum, not a super eco-source exactly, but certain to last a long time. U.K. buyers get a U.K. plug; overseas customers get a USB plug for recharging. Via Popgadget via Designboom. £49.99 ::Angus Noble [by MO]


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