Ango Lighting by Angus Hutcheson

Angus Hutcheson is an AA grad now based in Thailand, developing product and architectural designs. He uses natural, highly renewable materials including timber, raw silk, tree bark and silk cocoons that require minimal energy to process.

When a silk diffuser reaches the end of its life, the base and electrical parts can be used with a new diffuser or retrofitted to a new design. It's all made or assembled in his own factory where a safe working environment is maintained at all times. ::Angoworld found in ::Azure

shown: Chrysalis Sky floor lamp, silk cocoon and steel.

"Ango designs idealize a sort of personal ecology, where the useres are living with designs that they can form a bond with. They are also about ecology in the known sense of manufacturing things using renewable or easily recyclable materials, in a way that is responsible, and this is an important part of what we're doing."

Ango Lighting by Angus Hutcheson
When a silk

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