Anchorage, Alaska, to Install 16,000 LED Streetlights. Will Save $360,000 per Year.

LED Streetlight photo

LED Streetlights in Anchorage, Alaska
We told you that LED streetlights were coming. The latest town to get them is Anchorage, Alaska. The municipality, along with Cree, Inc, a maker of LED lights, are planning to change 16,000 municipal roadway lights with high-efficiency LED fixtures (about 1/4 of total streetlights).

Bigger Benefits Up North
Because Anchorage has 85 days a year with less than 8 hours of daylight, any benefit over the tradition lighting architecture are compounded. Read on for technical benefits of LED streetlights.

Anchorage, Alaska, at night photo

Anchorage at night.

The mayor of Anchorage said:

We have studied new lighting technology extensively over the past several months to validate energy and maintenance cost savings. We also conducted a lighting conference and public survey in March of this year that showed our residents overwhelmingly approve of the new white LED lighting.

Benefits of LED streetlights
The LED fixtures are expected to use 50% less energy than current streetlights, which could save the city $360,000 per year at the current energy prices. The cost of the project is 2.2 million dollars. "The LED fixtures, based on performance-leading Cree XLamp(r) LEDs, typically last up to seven times longer than high-pressure sodium fixtures, allowing Anchorage to better utilize maintenance resources." And the quality of light should also be better, though people will need to get used to it at first.

Totally unrelated to LED lights, check out those bears having fun in a playground in Anchorage.

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