Amy Youngs' Digestive Table

This gives new meaning to the term "dining table"- it eats the leftovers. Lift the lid in the centre and dump them in, and the worm composter takes over- "A living ecosystem of worms, sowbugs and bacteria are invited to this table. They are a part of the digestive system that starts with a person discarding food leftovers and shredded paper into the portal at the top. The bacteria and sowbugs begin breaking down the waste and the worms soon join in to further digest it into a rich compost that sprinkles out of the bottom of the fabric bag that hangs beneath the table. This compost is used as a fertilizer for plants, such as those at the base of the table." So you don't miss any of the action, an infrared camera sends images to the LCD screen imbedded in the tabletop. Reduces waste in two ways- composting it and who wants to eat after watching the screen? click to enlarge details below

Of course it is all FSC certified wood, stained with a mix of boiled red cabbage and worm compost tea. ::Digestive Table via ::WWMNA