aMAIZEing: Bio-Based Paint Solvent & Stripper


If there's one thing TreeHugger knows, it's that there's a greener, more eco-friendly version of almost everything out there. From biodegradable bioplastic cutlery to organic wine, there isn't much that can't be done with a green twist. Today's example: paint solvent & thinner. While stripping paint isn't something many of us do every day, many conventional formulas are full of VOCs and ozone-depleting chemicals, and that isn't good for anyone, whether you do it once a week or once a year. This particular product, aMAIZEing, is made from 100% corn and soybean esters (grown in the US) and claims to do everything its chemical cousins can: lift from the surface, strip and remove adhesives, paint and more from concrete, masonry, wood, metal and a host of other surfaces. If it works as well as it claims, why would you ever want to use the chemical version again? ::aMAIZEing Paint Solvent via ::Apartment Therapy