ALMOST: Official Port Wine Glass by Alvaro Siza for Ohm Design

We thought "official" was just a slightly bossy name for the design. We didn't think wines could have official glassware. Oh, how we were wrong: architect Alvaro Siza's port glass is sanctioned by the Instituto do Vinho do Porto and the big-time port wine houses. It's a great example of an elegant form solving a functional problem: the divot on the stem keeps the hand from warming the wine, while adding new interest to an apparently traditional shape. The mouth is closer than on an old port glass, helping the perfume to concentrate at the top of the glass. With the wide bowl, you won't spill if you swirl (a sure way to make a tit of yourself at a posh party). But alas, we ask so much: we've got the form and the function, but not the sustainability. How 'bout recycled glass? 2 for $24 USD, 6 for $60. ::Ohm Design [by KK]