A&E;'s Find & Design

As has been noted a number of times on treehugger pages, not all of us are in a position to buy well-designed, sustainably produced furniture. But nearly everyone has access to flea markets, tag sales, thrift stores, freecycle, and craigslist. Buying used keeps landfill space clear and saves shoppers from buying cheap, short-lived, mass-produced alternatives. There is an art, however, to seeing potential in second-hand goods and knowing how to put them to use. Find & Design's Jennifer Convy can help hone your eye. She takes those with decorating dilemmas in search of inexpensive and stylish solutions for problem rooms. After watching a couple of episodes of her at work, you will have an idea of how to stick to your vision, avoid the lure of unneeded treasures, and unify a room with eclectic pieces. As good treehuggers, you can choose nontoxic finishes for those items that need a little sprucing.

If you're a Los Angeles resident, you can apply to have your design dilemma featured on the show. The next episode will air on A&E; on Christmas day. ::Find & Design