'Mulheres de Fibra' Sugar Cane Paper Flowers

Most of us like to have flowers around; they really lift up our spirit. But although Organic Flowers are a good alternative to avoid contaminating substances to go into the land, as we previously posted in articles such as Get Organic Flowers for Mom or Organic Bouquet, some of us can’t stand the idea of having flowers cut off.
Now, what if artificial flowers weren’t as tacky as sometimes they are? Well, ‘Mulheres de Fibra’ cooperative (Fiber Women), from the city of Nova Olimpia, state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, produces these cute flowers with sugar cane pulp based paper.
Founded in 2002, the group is formed by 19 women who use abundant local commodities to make this paper by a process similar to paper recycling. They make over 700 flowers of different species a month, which they sell in all Brazil and now over the world. Now they’re negotiating with big retailers.
To contact them, you can call (65) 332-1343 (city of Nova Olimpia, Mato Grosso, Brazil), or step by Shopping Três Américas, at 146 Brasilia Av, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Through Casa e Jardim magazine.

'Mulheres de Fibra' paper flowers.