A Chair is for Life; Not Just for Christmas

and%20made.jpg &made--pronounced; "and made"—are two designers who have a wry and ecological way of looking at the world. These stools are part of their "Lost & Found" series—furniture created from pieces that have been abandoned in the street. Their motto was: "a chair is for life, not just for Christmas", a comment on our throwaway culture. They have another one, called "Spair" chair, which hangs on the wall when not in use. In the "Climatised Objects" series, the work reflects their concerns with the effects of climate change and environmental crises. Practical domestic products double as life-saving devices. "Either ore" seems to be a solid timber, sturdy dining room table. But on closer viewing, one notices the subtle nautical detailing that suggests something more. In fact, the table is buoyant and has removable legs that convert into oars. The table becomes a raft in the event of a flash flood. Just to make sure the design worked, they rowed it down the Thames to the opening of the Design Mart exhibit at the Design Museum. A modest, contemporary looking vase switches to an emergency flashlight when knocked from the shelf. "Ultimately we want to create objects that people enjoy, but which also have a serious ethical dialogue behind them." :: Design Mart at the Design Museum