9W LED Bulb Replaces 70W Incandescent


I've seen my fair share of LED bulbs, but usually the lumens they output are fairly modest. This bulb, however, outputs 308 lumens using 150 warm white LEDs, and is rated at 9 Watts. It is said to be a replacement for a regular 70 Watt incandescent bulb. There's also a frosted version available that outputs about 594 lumens.

Differences in light quality from LED bulbs
One thing to note is that the light from these bulbs is probably a bit different in character from incandescents. LED light tends to be sharper and more direct (perhaps the frosted bulb overcomes this problem). The bulbs cost between $60-$70 each, and you can find them at X-Treme Geek and Cyberguys. Why would you pay this much for a bulb? Perhaps if you are off-grid or interested in long-term savings.

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