5inch Disc Hubs

Blank CDs are dirt cheap, but jewel cases aren’t, so we always end up with loose discs rolling across the desk and gathering dust. 5inch’s hubs may not save cash, but they certainly beat standard CD cases in the design stakes. How could you get more minimal? Stick one in a nifty old book and you’ve created a postmodern masterpiece of Information Age old-meets-new (plus, you’re recycling!). And you’ve got......somewhere to stash your CDs without resorting to blocks of plastic. While you’re at it, it seems an awful shame to hide all the artwork printed on music CDs (or on 5inch’s own blank discs), so line a bunch of hubs up on a wall for an instant graphic statement. We’d love them even more if they were made from biopolymer plastic, and we do have to admit that digitial music would be more eco-friendly. $4.50. Via CoolHunting ::5inch [by KK]

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More color choices at 5inch.com.