13W LED Bulb Replaces 100W Incandescent


Back in 2007, our post on a 9W LED replacement for a 70W incandescent generated a huge amount of interest and debate. While some were excited to see the dawn of a new lighting technology, others felt it was overpriced and under-powered, in terms of lumen output. We wonder, then, what our readership will make of the new EvoLux 13W LED bulb, which the manufacturers claim will replace a 100W incandescent, or a 13W CFL, and can apparently last as long as 50,000 hours (for comparison purposes, this CFL manufacturer claims that an incandescent will last 750 hours, and a CFL will last 10,000). The price point is still high, coming out at a whopping US$109 (though it is currently on sale for $95), but for those early adopters who just hate changing light bulbs, this might be worth a try. More from the manufacturer's website:
"Presenting EvoLux, the most powerful direct replacement LED Light bulb available. Using a breakthrough light engine, the EvoLux allows for the first time, the opportunity for every general lighting application to be replaced with an LED light bulb. No more hassle and worries about breaking CFL's, no more wasted electricity on inefficient incandescents, take the leap to the next generation in lighting with EvoLux.

In order to create an LED light bulb that can compete head to head with both CFL and high wattage incandescents, we started with the latest generation CREE light engine. We then added a revolutionary active cooling system that employs a silent internal fan to cool the heatsink. The entire housing is encased in ABS plastic to always ensure that the body of the EvoLux is cool to the touch. Combining these technologies allow us to run the LED light chip at a high enough power output to provide amazing, room light that will fill a room."

We'd love to hear from anyone who takes the plunge and tries one of these out! In the meantime, take a look at our guide on How to Green Your Lighting.

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