12 Milkbottles Recycled into One Lamp by Droog

droog 12 bulbs fixture image
A few years back we criticized Droog Design's famous 85 lamp fixture, noting "TreeHugger has suggested Ban the Bulb; Perhaps it is also time to Ban 85 Bulbs as well, at least until they bring out the LED version. "

Here is an equally humorous and much more efficient fixture, with a recycled content: the Milkbottle Lamp.

The individual parts of this lamp are completely plain but the combination makes of them an opulent chandelier. Less and more, united in a single product.

The milk bottle chandelier is a cluster of 12 old-fashioned milk bottles. The bottles are sandblasted and have a chrome top. The milk bottles hang on long cables, 12 at a time - three rows each of four bottles, just like the Dutch milk crate in the old days.

droog milkbottles image

"Less and more, united in a single product"- that is the great thing about Droog, they take an idea like a dozen milk bottles and turn it into art. Still made with their 15W incandescents; we look forward to an LED version. Available at Nova 68, on sale for $1691,
(a bit pricey but no doubt it will inspire all the handyperson types)
via ecofriend.

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