Interface Introduces Vinyl Flooring

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Interface has always been the greenest of companies and the late founder Ray Anderson is beatified in the green world. We wrote back in 2008 about his sustainability goal: “zero negative effects on the planetary ecosystem by the year 2020” According to the Interface Framework, they are attacking on 7 fronts, including: "Front 2 – Benign Emissions: Eliminate toxic substances from products, vehicles and facilities."

So it was with some surprise when I saw the press release announcing that Interface is now producing “Luxury Vinyl Tiles” or LVT; Vinyl is considered by many to be a toxic substance. From a design point of view, one can see why they are doing it; a lot of offices are moving away from carpet. They note:

Several commercial design trends are playing a role in Interface's expansion into modular resilient flooring. The transformation of the modern workplace is dominating corporate office design conversations today. It is driving fresh thinking around the use of mixed materials to create zones for different types of work, whether focused, collaborative or spaces that have more of a residential feel, blurring the lines between home and work.
But Vinyl! it is also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC. It is red-listed for the Living Building Challenge and Cradle to Cradle basic certification requires "No PVC, chloroprene, or related chemical at any concentration". TreeHugger has previously noted: