Installing and Trying the Blue Bidet: I Am Convinced

blue bidet toilet install bidet photo
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After writing about the Blue Bidet, the distributor kindly sent me one to try out. I apologise in advance for the rust stains in the toilet and the old paint on the baseboards; Let's just say it is clean but old.

blue bidet toilet install bidet photo

The package came complete with all of the parts clearly described in the instructions. The distributor at Blue Bidet, Peter Gallos, estimated it would take half an hour to install; I spent half an hour just trying to get the toilet seat off our second floor toilet, where the bolts had rusted and the nut could not be moved at all, on either side. Downstairs, we have a newer, low volume flush toilet; they now have nylon bolts that undid in seconds. So first warning before you purchase: make sure you can get your existing toilet seat off.

blue bidet toilet install bidet plumbing photo

The plumbing was dead easy; just remove the old pipe between the water supply and the pipe, screw in the brass T fitting, connect plastic hose.

blue bidet toilet install bidet connections photo

The Blue Bidet has a very clever system of sliding plastic parts that let you fix it to any size or shape of bowl, although if you are crazy clean about your toilets, it looks like a good place to collect gunk.

blue bidet toilet install bidet installed photo

Just put the seat back on and tighten the bolts, hook up the water line and you are done. The toilet seat doesn't sit properly, since it is raised a quarter of an inch or so at the rear, but that doesn't seem to be a big problem.

I will spare our audience pictures of me using it, but can say the following:

  1. I was worried that our 40 degree water would be a rude shock, and it isn't. Sitting in the pipes, it has probably warmed up to room temperature and doesn't run long enough to get really cold.
  2. It works. It gets just the right spot, cleans well, and you do use far less toilet paper, or none if you don't want to.
  3. It works so well, in fact, that I can't imaging going back to using a toilet without one.