13 Instagram Accounts for Food Lovers

If you enjoy perusing beautiful photographs of food, there's no shortage of them on Instagram. (Photo: Vucicevic Milos/Shutterstock)

What's your Instagram feed full of? If it's pictures of food — with a few dogs and cats thrown in for good measure (foodies love their furry friends) — there's no shortage of people on Instagram who photograph the foods they create at home or eat in restaurants. These 13 accounts are some of the best.

1. @chefjacqueslamerde

Before we get too serious, let's start with chef Chef Jacques La Merde Instagram feed, which showcases photos of foods like Hostess Cupcakes and yogurt raisins tweezered onto plates for "presentation."

2. @foodnetwork

More than 1 million people already follow the Food Network's Instagram account for foods like French Toast Croque Madame Casserole, not to mention photos of celebrity chefs.

3. @thekitchn

The Kitchn's Instagram account will inspire you to cook and share your foods with friends and family.

4. @saveurmag

The respected food magazine Saveur has an equally respectable Instagram page.

5. @doriegreenspan

French cookbook author Dorie Greenspan shows off what she's cooking, eating, drinking, and reading through her photos.

6. @jamieoliver

Fans of Jamie Oliver and his books, TV shows, and the Food Tube channel will enjoy what he shares on Instagram.

7. @Food52

This publication helps people become better, smarter, happier cooks, and more than 2,800 Instagram photos are a part of the package.

8. @mikegenostudio

Most of Mike Geno's Instagram photos are pictures of his painted food portraits. He's known for his portraits of cheese, but every once in a while he'll throw in a painted picture of bacon or Peeps.

9. @splendidtable

The Instagram account from The Splendid Table radio program will make you hungry.

10. @beautifulbooze

If all the food photos make you thirsty, you'll want to imbibe in Beautiful Booze's Instagram pictures of cocktails and more.

11. @andrewscrivani

Andrew Scrivani is a freelance food and still-life photographer for publications like The New York Times and Eating Well.

12. @beertography

You'll find plenty of new beers to try if you follow Beertography's photos of brews.

13. @idafrosk

We end with a little whimsy and Ida Frosk's food art, which she eats after photographing them.