19 Inspiring Ideas for Easy DIY Terrariums

Welcome to the wonderful, creative world of terrariums!. (Photo: J Brew/Flickr)

It's no secret that a thriving collection of houseplants can do wonders for improving your indoor air quality, but if you're looking for something a little more outside of the box, a terrarium is the way to go.

These glassy mini-gardens have long been fixtures in the home decor world, but in the past few years, their wider popularity has skyrocketed.

It's easy to see why. In addition to their lovely aesthetics, terrariums are inexpensive and simple to assemble. With proper care, some terrariums can last for years or even decades.

Looking for a quick tutorial to make your own terrarium? We've got you covered with this step-by-step guide for creating the terrarium of your dreams!

This gorgeous house-shaped terrarium serves as a greenhouse for this collection of succulents. (Photo: aon168/Shutterstock)

If you're wondering what to plant in your terrarium, you have plenty of options to consider. Succulents are a popular choice for their resiliency, as are micro-sized flora like moss and lichen.

Have a poor track record for taking care of plants (including the ones that are supposed to be "unkillable")? No worries! Even self-proclaimed "black thumbs" can get in on the terrarium fun. Although simple terrariums are already pretty low-maintenance, you can make it even easier by opting for fake plants and figurines (like the one seen at right).

A terrarium made from a light bulb? That's one bright idea!. (Photo: Karsten/Flickr)

Another thing to consider when creating a terrarium is what kind of vessel you'd like to store your little garden in.

You can use pretty much anything, though most people tend to opt for something clear so that you can see the thriving environment inside. Recycling old mason jars or underused flower vases around your house is a popular route, though, as evidenced by this clever lightbulb terrarium (above), the sky is the limit!

Not a big DIYer? You can also invest in something a little more chic and stylish that is made with trendy home decor in mind.

If you need a little inspiration to get you started, here's a roundup of some of the most creative and aesthetically interesting terrariums around.

The leafy plants in these gallon glass jugs are known as parlor palms, and they make excellent terrarium plants. (Photo: Teri Lynn/Flickr)
Who needs a goldfish when you can have an awesome terrarium instead?. (Photo: AzureFantoccini/Flickr)
On a budget but still want a great terrarium? Don't be afraid to recycle a jar gathering dust around your house!. (Photo: Gergely Hideg/Flickr)
Totoro the forest spirit passes the time in a tiny spherical terrarium. (Photo: katrina.alana/Flickr)
Successful terrariums require multiple layers, including rocks, soil and (this is very important) charcoal!. (Photo: Gaye Launder/Flickr)
Maximize the visual impact of your terrarium by choosing a diverse variety of plant species. (Photo: Sonny Abesamis/Flickr)
Terrariums come in all sizes!. (Photo: ElizaIO/Flickr)
Add a little character to your terrarium by adding in little figurines alongside the moss and succulents. (Photo: Lindsey Turner/Flickr)
Making terrariums is surprisingly addictive, and once you start, you'll soon find your windowsills covered in them!. (Photo: ramsey beyer/Flickr)
For the failed hobby aquarist — transform your aquarium tank into a dry terrarium. (Photo: Anthony Jones/Flickr)
Beautiful hanging terrariums shaped like tear drops. (Photo: Michael Gordon/Shutterstock)
Succulents are great plants for terrariums, and best of all, there's so many different species to choose from!. (Photo: Alice Carrier/Flickr)
Have old glass milk jugs gathering dust? Transform them into a series of terrariums!. (Photo: kwabenz/Shutterstock)
Large glass jars with lids give you the option of having sealed and unsealed terrariums. (Photo: aon168/Shutterstock)
What are you waiting for? The terrarium of your dreams is calling your name!. (Photo: Eli Christman/Flickr)

Photo of tiny terrarium with fake plants (at top): Afsaneh Tajvidi/Flickr